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Some of our services:

  • Personal visits and friendship
  • Counseling: debt, drugs, family..
  • Transport and lodging for  kins
  • Help to connect with friendly people in Norway and in home country
  • After release:
  • Help in providing housing, practical reentry, help in providing job
    and preparation for schooling.
  • Help in preparing for rehabilitation in cooperation with authorities
    as well as other institutions, churches and private bodies offering
    relevant rehabilitation for former detainees.
  • Help from our local international network in your home country?
    We have a long record of being able to assist upon return to
    other countries.

Short presentation of Prison Fellowship:

  • Prison Fellowship Norway (PFN) is an independent part of Prison Fellowship International (PFI), a cross denominational Christian organization for help to inmates and their families and victims of crime. PFI comprises 119 member organizations, amongst which 29 are located in Europe.
  • Prison Fellowship was founded in USA in 1974 by Charles W. Colson, a former government advisor, and was established in Norway in 1988. Working on evangelical basis, the purpose is to help in bringing inmates back to the society and a new life during the imprisonment and after release.
  • How can PFN serve you, a prisoner from a foreign country?
  • There might be language barriers. Often PFN has a team of visitors with good language skills. You may ask for a visitor with such skills. You may also participate in PFN activities. Some are translated regularly—at least into English.
  • You may have some needs for help for your kin’s if/when they are coming for a visit to Norway: transportation, lodging, or other concerns.
  • And when you are travelling back home: some practical help from our local international network in your home country? We have a long record of being able to assist upon return to other countries.


  • E-mail:
  • Snailmail: PFN c/o Jan Strand, Forsetvn 23, 2010 Strømmen
  • TLF. +47 930 49 894
  • If you are an inmate in a Norwegian prison, you might also contact us through your prison chaplain. And look at the wall in your cell: every year we give away a free calendar enough to cover every cell in Norway.
  • You are welcome regardless of your own religion, gender, sexual orientation, skin color and so on 🙂